Ski was the staff editorial cartoonist at The Eastern News, Eastern Illinois University, Charleston, IL from 1978-1980, as well as a reporter, columnist and editorial page editor.

He continually self-published articles, essays, commentaries and political cartoons from 1980 to present through various publications, including his The Real News and websites. He has created many comic strips, essays, articles and political commentaries.

He created, inc. as his exclusive distributor of intellectual property, licensing and sales.

In October, 2017, Ski was presented the Distinguished Journalism Alumni of the Year Award from Eastern Illinois University's Journalism Department.



Association of American Editorial Cartoonists (AAEC), 2015.



Editorial Cartooning & Applied Journalism,

Eastern Illinois University, November, 2015

Editorial Cartooning

Tom Keefe's communications podcast, CommakaziSpeaks, on January 2, 2016.

Pinderski (left) and Keefe (right) discuss editorial cartoons.

Ski discussed with Tom how he began cartooning, how he goes about creating cartoons and how he plans to create a syndicated business model.




Perspectives on Editorial Cartooning

Illinois College Press Association (ICPA), February 19, 2016

Ski gave an hour long presentation to college students on Editorial Cartooning at the ICPA annual convention in Chicago, Illinois. He gave his audience a short course on editorial cartooning fundamentals, how to draw perspectives and layered meaning in cartoons, responsibility of cartoonists and editors and how journalistic standards apply to cartoons. He also went through his creative process on various cartoon examples. He also gave his audience resource materials and information on AAEC and its student editorial cartoon contest.

Cartoon the Vote, March, 2016

Ski was accepted to participate in the Cartoon to Vote program. The purpose of this website is to engage groups and the public in the American election process through cartoons and other links. Ski submitted several of his political cartoons to the program.